All Major Carriers Including Telstra and Optus

PSTN Lines

ISDN Lines

VoIP Lines

Business Phone Lines can be delivered using a number of access technologies, from standard copper lines to digital channels and business VoIP. The right choice depends upon your business requirements, availability of suitable equipment and infrastructure, and the size of the business.

Full Range of Business Phone Line Services

BusinessCom is a CSP (Carriage Service Provider) for all types of business phone line technologies, so you can rest assured we have the right solution for your business. Choose from our full range of services including PSTN lines; complete range of ISDN services; and SIP Trunks that deliver high performance, carrier grade Business VoIP.


BusinessCom is not restricted to just one carrier and utilises multiple Tier 1 Carrier Networks including Telstra and Optus. And that means the best possible choice for your business requirements. And of course, all that at the best possible rates.

Discounted Rates Across All Types of Phone Lines

BusinessCom plans come with low access fees and cheap call rates. We also keep it simple with straight forward pricing that's easy to understand.

Stop Wasting Money on Old Rates and Technology

To help you decide what type of phone lines are right for your business please call us on 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE to make an online enquiry.


Obligation Free ComCheck

Let us review your current phone lines and make sure you're taking advantage of the latest rates and technology. Our Obligation Free ComCheck takes into account your business requirements and will ensure:

  • You're NOT being charged for any unnecessary or idle services.
  • You're NOT being charged old rates and overpaying for your services.
  • You ARE taking advantage of any NEW technology that may be available to suit your business needs.

Call us on 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE to request a ComCheck for your business.