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Yealink and Grandstream Phones and Accessories 

World Leading Suppliers of IP Hardware

BusinessCom offers discounted prices on the full range of IP phones from Yealink and Grandstream, world leading suppliers of IP hardware. The range includes business desk phones, executive handsets, reception modules and video IP phones. We are certified Yealink and Grandstream resellers, offering full product support and factory warranty.

Yealink and Grandstream are two of the leading global manufacturers of IP phones and offer the best value without compromising quality, functionality or performance. The design of their IP phones is at the forefront of the technology and are ideally suited to SME businesses.

Yealink Authorised Reseller
Full Range of Yealink IP Phones
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Full Range of Grandstream IP Phones

Business IP Phones

IP Phones are specifically designed for use with IP telephony which includes Virtual PBX and Business VoIP. The phones convert standard audio into digital format so it can be transmitted over an IP network, including the internet. It also converts incoming signals into standard audio.

An IP phone comes in two forms, either as a hardware handset or a softphoneMost SME businesses choose desktop IP phones for their PBX system requirements. They look like traditional telephone handsets and have been developed to take full advantage of Business VoIP and Hosted PBX technology.

Desk IP Phones

Traditional business handsets designed for the modern office. Complete with features and functions to ensure ease-of-use. A variety of handsets to suit all business requirements including reception consoles and high-end executive use.

Media Phones

Desk IP phones with the added convenience of large touch screens and access to web browsing, calendar and other web based applications. Based on the Android operating system, the phones feature the ability to install third-party applications. 

Cordless Phones

DECT cordless phones for use with Business VoIP and Hosted PBX. Designed for business use, allowing for multiple SIP channels and handsets. Perfect for hospitality businesses and warehouses.

IP Video Phones

Combination of desk and media IP phones with the added functionality of video conferencing. Includes in-built video camera. Skype video conferencing phones are also available.

Conference Phones

Built for meeting rooms and boardrooms, conference IP phones are specifically designed to enable multi-party teleconferencing. Apart from an extensive range of features and crystal clear audio quality, they make audio conferencing seamless and affordable.

Soft Phones

PC and laptop software programs that enable telephone calls without the use of IP hardware devices. Perfect for travelling executives and call centre operations.

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Popular IP Phones


Yealink T41S

$169 Inc GST

6 Line Business IP Phone

6 Line Business IP Phone optimised for ease of use, productivity and delivering superb sound quality. Includes 2.7 Inch LCD, 3 Way Conferencing and Optima HD Voice.

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Yealink W60P

$199 Inc GST

IP Cordless Base and Handset

Designed for businesses looking for a scalable and flexible IP-based cordless communications system. The W60P is a complete set that can be expanded with a further seven W56H Handsets.

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Grandstream GXV3240

$239 Inc GST

Revolutionary 3-in-1 Video Phone

6-line IP video phone with multi-platform video conferencing solution and the functionality of an Android tablet. Featuring 4.3 inch touch screen, dual Gigabit ports, HD audio and HD video, a built-in web browser, integrated Wi-Fi and built-in camera.

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IP Desk Phones from $79

Enterprise quality IP phones don't need to be expensive. Our prices start at $79 for a standard business IP desk phone designed for light to medium call volume. Or choose a gigabit IP phone with advanced telephony features for only $129. Select the IP phone that best suits your needs and rest assured you're buying the best quality at ultra-competitive prices

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Popular IP Phone Features

Business IP phones come with many features and functions. Even the entry level phones come with functionality and design well above traditional PBX handsets. Apart from standard functions like Call Hold, Do Not Disturb, One-Touch Speed Dial, Ring Tone Selection and Local Phonebook, some of the more popular features include:

  • Colour Displays and Touch Screens - for ease-of-use and seamless access to the phone's functions.
  • HD Voice - ensure perfect audio clarity.
  • Speakerphone - for conducting handsfree calls and multi-party conferencing.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - connect other devices including headsets.
  • USB Ports - connect USB devices including a USB flashdrive for call recording.
  • Multiple SIP Accounts - use a variety of SIP trunks with separate Direct Indial Numbers.
  • Gigabit Ethernet - lower network latency when connecting via a Gigabit ethernet cable.
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Support - enable the use of a PoE switch with no need for an AC adapter.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - connect the phone to the local WiFi network with no need for a LAN cable. 
  • Multi-Party Conferencing - phone conferencing without having to use a third party application.
  • Paperless Label Design - program the titles of the buttons directly on the screen.

To find out what features best suit your business requirements and to help you choose the right IP phone, please call one of our Business Consultants on 1300 000 100 or CLICK HERE

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About Yealink

Yealink was founded in 2001 and is one of the leading global providers of IP products and services. It leverages its independent research, development and innovation to pursue its core mission of  'Easy collaboration, High productivity'. Their state-of-the-art solutions help businesses of all sizes to increase communication efficiency, achieve greater productivity and gain all the advantages of IP telephony.

Yealink Phones

About Grandstream

Grandstream has been connecting the world since 2002. Their award winning solutions have been renowned for their quality, reliability and innovation. The company is consistently recognised within the industry for qualityinnovation and product value. Grandstream is focused on research and development, and consistently drives the market forward with new and innovative IP products.

Grandstream Phones

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