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Choose from All Major Carriers

BusinessCom is not restricted to just one carrier and utilises multiple Tier 1 networks to provide a complete range of office phone and business internet services. The networks include Telstra, Optus, Vocus, Vonex, AAPT, TPG and Cirrus.

Australian Tier 1 Carriers

Business Grade Products and Services Delivered Utilising Australia's Leading Tier 1 Carriers.

Full Range of Services

Complete Range of Office Phone and Business Internet Services Across Multiple Technologies.

Low Cost Plans

Monthly Plans Designed to Deliver Enterprise Grade Services at Ultra-Competitive Prices. 

Business VoIP Specialists

Transition Your Office Phones to the Latest in Business VoIP and Hosted PBX Technology.

NBN Service Provider

Upgrade to NBN or Choose from a Range of Carrier Fibre Services.

One Bill for All Services

Receive One Account for All Services Across Multiple Carriers and Technologies.

Range of Carriers Means the Best Possible Choice for Your Business

BusinessCom has wholesale arrangements with all the major telco companies. The broad range of carrier networks enables us to deliver the best possible choice for a particular business need or requirement. And that may include delivery of multiple carrier networks on the one account.

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Transform Your Office Communications


We Have Your Office Phones Covered

Choose from our full range of office phone services including the latest enterprise grade Business VoIP, business NetPhones and IP Phone Systems.

  • Full Range of Services
  • All Major Networks
  • Business VoIP Specialists
  • Low Cost Plans
  • NBN Service Provider
  • One Bill for All Services

Let us help you migrate your old telephone lines to NBN ready IP lines. Gain superior functionality and reduce your telco costs by up to 50%.

Office Phone Lines

Business VoIP SIP Trunks

Enterprise grade business VoIP SIP trunks. The replacement technology for traditional phone lines and ISDN services. Superior features and functions delivering the ultimate in business telco flexibility. Suitable for all types of deployment including PBX Phone Systems, IP Handsets, a Softphone Application or a Mobile App. 

SIP Trunks


Small business digital phone lines delivered by the Telstra network. Capable of two concurrent phone calls and multiple in-dial numbers. Suitable for PBX phone systems with a BRI card. In line with the roll-out of NBN and other broadband infrustructure, ISDN2 services are being phased out and migrated to IP lines.

ISDN2 Lines


Business digital lines capable of delivering 10+ concurrent phone calls and full PBX functionality including extension in-dial numbers. Choice of Telstra and Optus networks. Suitable for PBX systems with a PRI card. In line with the roll-out of NBN and other broadband infrustructure, ISDN services are being phased out and migrated to IP lines.

ISDN Lines

PSTN Lines

Traditional copper network phone lines. Currently being phased out with the introduction of NBN and IP telephony. Still being used in the absence of a reliable broadband connection to support VoIP, or to deliver ADSL and ISDN services.

PSTN Lines


Get Connected to Faster Broadband


Full Range of Business Internet Services

Choose from our full range of business internet services across all broadband access technologies including NBN, Business Fibre and Fixed Wireless Broadband.

  • All Major Networks Including Telstra, TPG and Vocus
  • NBN Service Provider
  • Complete Range of Services
  • Ultra-Competitive Business Plans
  • Business Broadband Specialists
  • One Bill for All Services
  • Australian Based Customer Service Team

Let us get you connected to faster and cheaper business broadband. We'll check what type of business internet service can be delivered at your business premises.

Business Internet

Business NBN

Cheapest form of fast business broadband available. Variable speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload. Includes a Static IP address. Australian based technical support with local knowledge and training to support your business.

Business NBN

SHDSL and Mid Band Ethernet

High performance, symmetrical business broadband that's a real alternative to business fibre. Ideal solution for businesses that require a suitable broadband connection for cloud based applications and IP telephony.


Business Fibre

Perfect broadband solution for businesses that require superior performance and highest speed available. Business fibre is delivered directly by carriers with their own fibre networks. Access to all major networks for the best possible choice.

Business Fibre

Fixed Wireless Broadband

High speed, symmetrical business broadband suitable as an alternative to MBE and business fibre. Perfect for remote locations and broadband constrained areas. Complete with symmetrical speeds, VPN capability and Static IP address.

Fixed Wireless Broadband


High quality, low congestion ADSL service including a Static IP Address. No lock-in contract to enable an upgrade to faster broadband when required. Suitable for small business operations waiting to connect to the NBN.



The Complete Office Phone Solution


Big Business Features. Small Business Price.

Transform your office communications with Hosted PBX and Business NetPhones. Reduce costs and gain functionality.

  • Replacement Technology for Traditional PBX Systems
  • Low Equipment Cost and Virtually No Maintenance
  • Superior Reliability and Redundancy
  • Enterprise Grade Features and Functions
  • Rapid Provisioning and Immediate Configuration
  • Fully Portable and Easily Scalable
  • Save $$$ on Monthly Line Rental and Call Rates
Business PBX

Hosted PBX

The complete office phone solution and replacement technology for traditional PBX phone systems. Reduce costs and capital expenditure. Gain features and functionality. Connect to one of Australia's leading hosted PBX providers.

Hosted PBX

Business NetPhones

The complete business phone package. All-In-One business VoIP, hosted PBX and IP handset. Full PBX functionality with multiple call lines and cheap call rates. Choice of desk phone or cordless IP handset. Start building your PBX system.



Full Range of Yealink and Grandstream IP Phones

World Leading Suppliers of IP Hardware

BusinessCo is a Certified Yealink and Grandstream Reseller. We offer discounted prices on the full range of desk phones, executive handsets, reception modules and video IP phones.

  • IP Desk Phones
  • IP Video Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Media Phones
  • Cordless IP Phones
  • Network Accessories
IP Phones


One of the leading global suppliers of IP audio and video products, with its core mission being 'Easy Collaboration, High Productivity'. The company’s high-quality IP telephony solutions enhance work efficiency, productivity and competitive advantages of businesses in over 100 countries.


Another leading global supplier that has been connecting the world since 2002. The company is renowned within the industry for quality, innovation and product value. Grandstream is focused on research and development, and consistently drives the market forward with new and innovative IP technology.

Yealink T4S Series IP Phones


Designed for today's busy executives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, high-definition audio and a complete set of business grade features and functions. Integrated with cutting edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yealink IP Phones 

Yealink T5 Series


Yealink T5 Media Phone series brings together high-definition voice, video and a number of other application capabilities. It is an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes. With enhanced HD video and audio as well as an intuitive interface, the phones are ideal for today's busy executives and professionals.

Yealink IP Phones


Complete Business Communication Solution

We Have Your Office Phones and Internet Covered

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