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NBN Broadband for Business

NBN is a new broadband network that will provide access to high speed broadband to 100% of Australian premises. The NBN will connect 93% of Australian homes, schools and businesses to a high speed fibre optic network, capable of providing broadband speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. The remaining 7% will be connected using wireless and satellite access technology.

NBN Business Plans and service connections are only available through NBN Retail Service Providers (RSPs). BusinessCom is an approved RSP and our plans are structured to gain maximum benefit from the NBN at the best possible price.

Fixed Wireless Broadband
10MB Unlimited $299 per Month
Hosted PBX Systems
PBX Extensions $9 per Month

Affordable Business Broadband

NBN is the cheapest form of fast business broadband available. Plans start at $59 per Month.

Superior Bandwidth Availability

When compared to ADSL2+ and SHDSL, NBN offers superior bandwidth with speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload.

24/7 Australian Based Customer Service

Australian based technical support. Local knowledge and training to support your business.

Carrier Grade IP Network

BusinessCom uses the Telstra network to deliver the complete NBN service connection.

Static IP Address

A Static IP address is included with every NBN business connection. Necessary for a range of business applications.

Speeds Up to 100MB

Variable speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload available. 

Cheaper NBN Business Plans

BusinessCom NBN plans combine value and performance. Plans start from $59 per Month including 250GB in data allowance, which is suitable for most small businesses. You can upgrade your data allowance to 1,000MB for an extra $20 per Month. Please call 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE for a complete business broadband solution for your business.

NBN 25

Per Month
NBN 25/5
  • 250GB Data
  • Monthly Fee - $59
  • Cost per GB - $0.236
  • Term - 12 Months
  • Static IP Address Included
  • Set Up Cost - $0
  • 1000GB Data
  • Monthly Fee - $79
  • Cost per GB - $0.079
  • Term - 12 Months
  • Static IP Address Included
  • Set Up Cost - $0


To check availability at your business premises please call 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE

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NBN 100

Per Month
NBN 100/40
  • 250GB Data
  • Monthly Fee - $79
  • Cost per GB - $0.316
  • Term - 12 Months
  • Static IP Address Included
  • Set Up Cost - $0
  • 1000GB Data
  • Monthly Fee - $99
  • Cost per GB - $0.099
  • Term - 12 Months
  • Static IP Address Included
  • Set Up Cost - $0


To check availability at your business premises please call 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE

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Critical Information Summary

Benefits of Connecting to NBN

Affordable Business Fibre

NBN is by far the cheapest form of business fibre and with speeds of up to 100MB download and 40MB upload, delivers sufficient bandwidth for almost any business application.

Cloud Based Applications

In order to effectively use most of the cloud based business applications like Office 365, Drop Box and One Drive, you need fast upload and download speeds. NBN makes that possible.

IP Telephony

Business VoIP and Hosted PBX is the replacement technology for traditional telephone lines and PBX systems. NBN delivers the required bandwidth for businesses to take advantage of IP telephony with its cheaper line rental and call rates.

Video Conferencing and UC Systems

Access to fast, reliable broadband brings UC (Unified Communication) systems and video conferencing to life. And with their increasing popularity you can now be ready to communicate via any means.

Improved Business Efficiency

Fast broadband will increase your business efficiency and productivity. Apart from gaining access to a range of cloud based business applications that have the potential to make your business run smoother, day to day tasks involving the internet will be done quicker and more efficiently.

BusinessCom can perform a complete SQ (Service Qualification) Check to determine what broadband services are available at your business address. The SQ Check will include multiple networks including NBN. This is particularly useful if your business is currently outside the NBN coverage area. Please CLICK HERE or call 1300 000 300 to arrange an SQ Check and see what options are available.

Types of Business NBN Connections

  • FTTP Fibre to the Premises - where NBN is able to run a fibre optic line all the way to the premises.
  • FTTN Fibre to the Node - where NBN runs fibre optic line to a newly built street cabinet and the existing copper network is used to make the final part of the nbn connection to the premises.
  • FTTB Fibre to the Building - where NBN runs fibre optic line to the basement of a building, usually an apartment building or similar.
  • NBN Fixed Wireless - connects the nbn from a transmission tower where data travels wirelessly to an antenna fitted on the roof of the premises.

Quick Guide - NBN Business Broadband

NBN is the ideal business fibre solution for most small businesses. It delivers high speed broadband at very affordable monthly access fees. The NBN100 plan with speeds of up to 100MB download and 40MB upload is the preferred choice of most businesses migrating to NBN. Even with speed fluctuations, the service provides ample bandwidth for almost any business application.

How Long Does It Take to Connect NBN?

Provided that NBN is available in your area, new service connections are usually completed between 2 and 4 weeks. NBN does not guarantee connection timelines which depend upon the location and type of premises, as well as availability of NBN field staff. 

Are NBN Speeds Guaranteed?

NBN is a best efforts service and the speeds shown are the nominal network access port speeds. Actual data transfer speeds may vary. The published 'up to' download and upload speeds are the maximum that can be delivered and will rarely, if ever, be achieved. Actual speeds depend upon a number of factors including current demand of the NBN service in the local area, your network and hardware, and the type of applications being run.

What Happens to My Phone Lines?

If you're currently using ISDN services, there will be no change and you can upgrade to Business VoIP when you're ready. If you're using PSTN lines (traditional telephone lines on the copper network), you'll need to covert those to business VoIP lines. Business VoIP is the replacement technology for traditional phone lines such as PSTN. When migrating, your phone numbers will stay the same and you'll have access to cheaper call rates and lower line rental.

What Are NBN Installation and Hardware Requirements?

Most businesses utilise their own routers to connect to the NBN Network Termination Unit. If required, you can also select to receive a Home Network Gateway for self-installation at no cost. The NBN service is delivered to the Network Boundary Point at your premises, which is defined as the physical port or 'UNI' on the NBN Network Termination Unit (NTU), or Port on the Home Network Gateway if selected. You are required to provide a suitable 240V AC power outlet for the NTU.

When Will the Copper Network Be Switched Off?

The copper newtork will be switched off around 18 months after your local NBN area was first made ready for the service. There will be numerous notifications issued during the process and you will have plenty of time to migrate your phone services.

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