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Full Range of Yealink IP, Video and Conference Phones

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Unifying Voice, Video and Data. Designed for Businesses of All Sizes.

Yealink is one of the leading global providers of IP products and services. The company is dedicated to communication telephony innovations and their range of IP phones are at the forefront of the technology. Yealink’s products unify voice, video and data, and are designed for businesses of all sizes. Yealink solutions work for every kind of user, from executives to receptionists, and can accommodate staff communicating from an office, a conference room or on the go. The comprehensive range of products includes Desk IP Phones, Wireless DECT Phones, Conference Phones and Video Conferencing Systems.

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Yealink IP Phones and Accessories

Browse our list of best selling Yealink IP phones and accessories. To find the full range of Yealink products please CLICK HERE visit our Online Store.


Yealink T5 Business Phone Series

Redefining Next-Gen Personal Collaboration Experience

Being responsive to changes and demands in the marketplace, Yealink has designed and developed its new T5 Business Phone Series, the most advanced IP desktop phone portfolio in the industry. Leading the way in new personalized collaboration, the Yealink T5 Business Phone Series provides the best possible personalized collaboration experience for businesses of all sizes.


With the Yealink T5 Business Phones, you can help your business benefit from the advanced telephony features, next-generation communication experience and great flexibility, and eventually unleash the power of remote collaboration and maximize the ROI.

  • Ergonomic Design with Adjustable Displays
  • Distraction-Free HD Communications
  • Easy Collaboration at Your Fingertips
  • Industry-Leading Connectivity

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Yealink T4S Series

Enrich Collaboration and Improve Productivity

Yealink's T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink's former T4 series. Designed for today's busy executives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, Optima high-definition audio quality and a remarkable phone experience.


Integrating cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the T4S series enriches business users' daily collaboration. It also protects business users' investment with its effortless deployment and broad inter-operability with UC platforms and IP PBX systems.

  • Optima HD Audio
  • Elegant Industrial Design
  • Remarkable User Experience
  • Additional Convenience and Flexibility
  • Effortless Configuration and Upgrade

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Yealink DECT IP Phone Solution

Bringing Scalability to Cordless Communications

Making phone calls while on the move is a vital part of work in various business segments such as warehouses, retails, restaurants, factory sites, SOHOs and SMEs. The Yealink DECT IP Phone Solution is specifically designed to power up your on-the-go business with its sophisticated HD voice, robust battery and 50-meter indoor/300-meter outdoor coverage.


Yealink’s comprehensive and sophisticated wireless DECT system comprises multiple phone models: the entry-to-mid level W52P and W53P pack essential features and the premium-level W60P features an advanced design while the W41P is geared towards personal desktops and the CP930W hosts audio conferencing. Customers can easily choose the phone that meets their requirements and supports their wireless office.

  • W60P Wireless DECT IP Phone
  • W53P Wireless DECT IP Phone
  • CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone
  • W41P DECT Desk IP Phone

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Yealink IP Audio Conference Phones

Easy Conferencing and Clear Communication

The key to effective collaborations is being able to hear and understand other participants clearly. Yealink’s audio conferencing solutions are designed to encourage productive remote collaboration, and address the challenges of achieving a balance among quality, user experience and affordability.


Yealink Audio Conference Phones cater to various meeting environments. Whether it is for large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms or wireless huddle rooms, customers will easily find the right choice with Yealink, as each Yealink Conference Phone is equipped with Yealink Noise Proof Technology and comes with three microphone arrays, advanced features and a user-friendly design.

  • Premium HD Audio Experience
  • Long Range Full-Duplex Microphone Arrays
  • Easy Control and Operation
  • Broad Interoperability

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Yealink Video Solutions CP960-UVC Kits for Zoom Rooms

Native Zoom Rooms Experience


In partnership with Zoom, the Yealink video solution CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits come fully integrated with Zoom Rooms and include pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Certified by Zoom, Yealink offers two Zoom Rooms kits to fit different meeting scenarios needs, including the CP960-UVC50 for small and medium rooms and the CP960-UVC80 for medium and large rooms. Both solutions deliver premium audio and video quality thanks to the combination of the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone and Yealink’s UVC series of optical PTZ cameras, which work in tandem to provide users a native Zoom Rooms experience.

Total Device Package Offer

Yealink delivers a complete Zoom Rooms package containing a full hardware suite (mini-PC, camera, audio devices) as well as the requisite software and license, simplifying the purchasing process and deployment while making the after-sales service experience more convenient than ever.

Simple to Deploy. Easy to Use.

Yealink one-cable technology eliminates the need for a traditional USB cable from the television area to the conference table area, greatly simplifying deployment. The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone further declutters the conference area by uniting microphones, speaker and meeting console into a single package. When serving as a meeting console, the five-inch multi-touch screen display allows users to join the meeting, add participants, adjust volume and control the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the camera, making meeting management a snap.

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

Featuring a built-in three-microphone array, the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone ensures a 360-degree voice pickup range with up to a 20-foot (six-meter) radius. Thanks to Yealink Noise Proof Technology, background noise is minimized so that everyone in the room can be heard clearly. By adding the two CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, the CP960 can provide up to a 40-foot (12-meter) voice pickup radius without any additional wiring. Yealink’s UVC optical PTZ camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of the conference room.

Manage Your Devices Remotely

Yealink Device Management Platform or cloud service can manage the Yealink CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits, allowing administrators to remotely control devices with ease. The platform supports remote configuration, firmware upgrading, monitoring and diagnosis. Through Windows Update, users can get the latest version of the UVC camera driver and Yealink Plug-in for Zoom Rooms, further enhancing the user’s Zoom Rooms experience.

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Yealink OEM Accessories

Complete your business UC system with genuine Yealink accessories. Tailored to deliver a solution to suit your business requirements.

  • BT41 - Bluetooth USB Dongle
  • CAM50 - HD Camera for SIP-T58A
  • CPN10 - Yealink PSTN Box
  • CPW90 - CP Wireless Expansion Mic
  • DD10K - DECT USB Dongle
  • EHS40 - Wireless Headset Adapter to Suit T5 and T4 Series
  • EHS36 - Wireless Headset Adapter to Suit T4 and T2 Series
  • EXP50 - Colour Screen Reception Module to Suit T5 Series
  • EXP40 - LCD Reception Module to Suit T4 Series
  • EXP20 - LCD Reception Module to Suit T2 Series
  • RT30 - DECT Repeater
  • WF50 - Dual Band USB Wi-Fi Dongle
  • WF40 - Wi-Fi USB Dongle
  • YHS33 - Wideband Headset for Yealink IP Phones
  • YLPOE30 - PoE Adapter

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