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Hosted PBX Advanced Call Management Console

Cutting Edge Business Analytics and Call Recording

Fully Integrated Business Analytics and Call Recording

Manage, analyse and understand customer interactions using the Advanced Hosted PBX Call Management Console. Gain insight to identify business efficiencies and improve customer service.

CMC Insight

Business productivity tool delivering powerful call data visualisation via a pre-defined dashboard and wallboard.

CMC Report

Monitor inbound and outbound calls via configurable dashboards, detailed reporting and executive summaries.

CMC Record

Feature-rich cloud call recording with playback, call evaluation, quality monitoring and flexible storage solutions.

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CMC Insight

Intuitive Call Analytics

CMC Insight is a business productivity tool delivering powerful call data visualisation via a pre-defined dashboard and wallboard.

Call Data Visualisation

  • Accessible from Any Internet-Facing Device
  • Call Metrics
  • Monitor Performance
  • Save Reports as PDF
  • Quick Access via Any Client Device
  • Mobile Optimised
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CMC Insight
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At-a-Glance Dashboard

The CMC Insight at-a-glance dashboard displays graphs and tabular data within a specified date range in the past 12 months.


The CMC Insight dashboard presents a summary of call metrics including:

  • Hourly incoming / outgoing call distribution.
  • Percentage Calls Answered (PCA).
  • Important observations, including total calls, busiest hour, average answer time, longest call, total missed and unreturned missed calls.
  • Call summary by DDI.
  • Call summary by user/extension.
  • The data can be refined by date and time using filters.
The following business reports are quickly

accessible and can be exported as PDF:

  • Hourly Call Activity
  • Daily Call Activity
  • Extension Call Activity
  • Overall Activity by DDI
  • Missed Calls
  • List Calls by Date
  • Unreturned Missed Calls by Caller ID

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Visual Wallboard


CMC Insight provides 3 pre-defined wallboards, designed to display essential analytics on a large screen or desktop:

  • DDI summary displays the total calls, missed calls, ringtime and talktime for each DDI.
  • Extension summary displays the total calls, missed calls and talktime for each extension.
  • Business summary displays total calls, missed calls, average ringtime and total talktime for the business.

Tiles can be resized and configured to show custom-filtered data, for example on particular users or DDIs.

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CMC Insight Pricing

Insight Supervisor (Minimum 1): $9 per Month

Insight User per Hosted PBX Extension: $1 per Month

Call Recording per Hosted PBX Extension: $9 per Month

Set-Up: $19

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CMC Report

Configurable Dashboards and Detailed Reporting

Monitor inbound and outbound calls on any device using CMC Report. Access configurable dashboards and detailed reporting. View wallboards, run and schedule reports.

Manage Service Levels and Make Informed Decisions

  • Browse an Extensive Catalogue of Reports
  • Incoming Call Analytics
  • Schedule Reports for Custom Dates
  • Executive Reports Including Observations and Recommended Actions
  • Customised Dashboards and Wallboards
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CMC Report
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Custom Dashboards

Creating and running reports can be timeconsuming, so dashboards are available to deliver up to date information in a graphical way using live tiles. Live tiles are mini reports which are refreshed regularly and displayed in tabular or graphical formats.


The CMC Report module includes a catalogue of predefined tiles including: Grade of Service (GoS), Percentage Calls Answered (PCA), caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, and call activity by extension and DDI. It is also possible to create live tiles from your own
specifically targeted reporting data. Any report with any combination of filters can be turned into a tile and displayed as a graph, wallboard, speedometer or table.


Wallboards visually display key call metrics on live tiles, in a format suitable to share on a big screen or desktop.

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Detailed Reporting

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a high level
summary of the business, including observations and recommendations. Multiple reports are consolidated into one single report, which can be exported or emailed to key decision makers.


Flexible Reporting

A catalogue of standard, highly configurable
reports is included, that can be customised to your exact requirements using filters. All reports can be exported as PDF/CSV files, emailed to any email address or scheduled to run at specified intervals.

Granular Reporting

Monitor call activity to analyse performance using a range of metrics including:

  • Call activity by extension, department, DDI and user, including total calls, destination, talktime and ringtime.
  • Incoming call analytics measure call volumes, targets, Grade of Service (GoS), Percentage of Calls Answered (PCA), calls abandoned, longest waiting time (caller tolerance) and missed calls.

Unreturned Missed Calls

Missed calls are defined as unreturned when
either the caller has not called back and been
answered successfully, or when a member of staff has not yet returned the call.

Unreturned missed calls are identified enabling a rapid recovery of abandoned or lost calls. This report can be displayed as a live tile.

Restricted Access

CMC Report enables access permissions to be
restricted by role. My Console also provides the option to allow specified users access only to their own analytics.

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CMC Report Pricing

Report Supervisor (Minimum 1): $19 per Month

Report User per Hosted PBX Extension: $2 per Month

My Console User Log-In per Hosted PBX Extension: $5 per Month

Call Recording per Hosted PBX Extension: $9 per Month

Set-Up: $19

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CMC Record

Feature Rich Cloud Call Recording

Cloud call recording with playback, call evaluation, quality monitoring and flexible storage solutions. Delivering essential management tools to Supervisors and Agents whenever they need them. 

Monitor Call Quality and Staff Performance

  • Improve Company Standards and Customer Care
  • Resolve 'who said what' Disputes
  • Protect Staff from Abuse
  • Use for Staff Training
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Facilitates Regulatory Compliance
  • Mobile Optimised

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CMC Record
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CMC Record: Call Recording, Playback and Sharing


  • Record calls to and from licensed extensions, including internal calls, at an unlimited number of sites.
  • Store, find, play back, archive and share call recordings.
  • Powerful filters to easily locate calls.
  • Facilitates call recording compliance.
  • Access call recordings anytime, from any device.

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iCS Record

Caters for compliance requirements; PCI DSS, MiFID II and GDPR.

Compliance managers are able to access functionality specifically designed to manage customer data and company policies:

  • Policy rule management; select calls to record, CLIs to exclude, add DDIs to a whitelist.
  • Delete call recordings and mask associated data.
  • Advanced search functionality using filters (call tag, flag and evaluation status).
  • Full audit trail of call recording playback.
  • Compliance dashboard for key metrics.

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Immediate Insight Anytime and Anywhere

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