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HOSTED PBX Advanced Call Management Console

Cutting Edge Business Analytics, In-Depth Reporting and Call Recording.

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Fully Integrated Business Analytics and Call Recording 

Manage, analyse and understand customer interactions using the Advanced Hosted PBX Call Management Console. Gain insight to identify business efficiencies and improve customer service.


Intuitive Call Analytics for Business


CMC Insight is a business productivity tool delivering powerful call data visualisation via a pre-defined dashboard and wallboard.

Call Data Visualisation

  • Access call analytics via a web browser on traditional desktop devices or monitor on the go through a mobile phone.
  • Delivery of essential call information via an intuitive dashboard and visual wallboard.
  • Monitor performance and view call activity by DID number, extension or user.
  • Save reports as PDF.
  • Quick access via any client device.
  • Mobile responsive application design facilitates access to business reports whenever and whenever needed.

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Dashboards and Reporting


Monitor inbound and outbound calls on any device using CMC Report. Access configurable dashboards and detailed reporting. View wallboards, run and schedule reports.

Manage Service Levels and Make Informed Decisions

  • Browse an extensive catalogue of reports or use filters to customise your own to identify trends in performance. Report on call activity by extension, department, DDI and user.
  • Incoming call analytics. Measure call volumes, targets, grade of service, percentage calls answered and unreturned missed calls.
  • Schedule reports for yesterday, last week or custom dates.
  • Executive reports collate data from multiple reports and provide observations and recommended actions.
  • Customised dashboards and wallboards.

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Call Recording and Quality Monitoring


CMC Record delivers cloud call recording with playback, call evaluation, quality monitoring and flexible storage options.

Monitor Call Quality and
Staff Performance

  • Monitor call quality and staff
    performance to improve company
    standards and customer care.
  • Resolve 'who said what'
  • Protect staff from abuse.
  • Train staff on call handling
    techniques and customer interactions
    to improve performance.
  • Rescue defecting customers.
  • Reveal customer service workflow issues.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance (for industry regulation).
  • Mobile-optimised: The mobile-responsive application design facilitates access to business reports
    whenever and wherever needed.

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Monthly Charges

Take advantage of cutting edge business analytics and call recording from only $9 per Month.

CMC Insight

Per Month
Intuitive Call Analytics

  • Insight Supervisor Licence - Included
  • Insight End Point Licence (each) - $1 per Month
  • Set Up Cost - $19
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CMC Record

Per Month
Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

  • My Console User Log-In - Included
  • Primary End Point Call Recording - Included
  • Additional End Point Recording (each) - $9 per Month
  • Set Up Cost - $19
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