All-In-One Business VoIP, Hosted PBX and IP Handset.

Multiple Call Lines

Full PBX Functionality

Cheap Call Rates

Start Building Your PBX System

NetPhones are perfectly suited for businesses looking for an out-of-the-box solution to their office telephone needs. And you do not require a telephone line to make it operate. Only plug the NetPhone to a suitable broadband service and you are up and operating. It is as straightforward as that.

The bundle comes with a business grade IP phone, complete set of enterprise grade hosted PBX features and functions, multiple call lines, and a dedicated phone number. You can also port-in your current landline number if needed.

Perfect Solution for Small Office Phone Requirements

NetPhones are totally portable and come with flexibility unmatched by conventional phone services. They come with total PBX functionality and a plethora of call handling and call management functions. And that makes them a perfect office phone solution for a number of business requirements.

  • Home Office - the ideal home office telephone with no need to waste money on a fixed phone line. And it has functions and features that mobile phones can not match.

  • Small Business PBX - a very cost effective means of delivering a fully functional PBX system into any small business operation. Offering a high degree of flexibility and ready to be scaled to suit your business needs.

  • Remote Office - whether its a temporary site or a permanent satellite office, a NetPhone is one of the best solutions to deliver office telephone facilities without needing to install phone lines or a PBX system. Being completely portable, simply unplug the IP phone and relocate anytime.

NetPhone Bundle Includes

  • Business Grade IP Phone with Executive Features.
  • Complete PBX Functionality including Multiple Extensions.
  • Multiple Call Lines delivered by a Multi-Channel Business VoIP SIP Trunk.
  • Ultra-Competitive Call Rates and $0 Phone Line Rental.
  • AUS Phone Number - Either New or Port-In Your Existing Number.
  • Free Calls Between NetPhones and PBX Extensions on the Same Account.
  • Call Management Features including Call Overflow, Call Transfer and Voice2Email.
  • Call Handling Features including Auto Attendant (IVR) and Business Intro Message.
  • Call Operation Features Including Follow Me, Do Not Disturb and Phone Conferencing.
  • Complete Portability - Australia and Overseas.

Monthly Plans and Call Costs

Choice of three plans from $19 per month. Higher monthly plans come with included calls and even cheaper call rates.


Plan Features

Our all inclusive, low cost plans come with cheap call rates, full set of features and functions, included calls, and no cost for extra call lines.

Free Calls Between NetPhones

Calls are free between same-account NetPhones and Hosted PBX extensions, no matter where they're located. Ideal for multi-site businesses, remote offices and executives that travel overseas.

No Additional Charges for Extra SIP Channels (Call Lines)

The bundle comes complete with a multi-channel SIP trunk, letting you make and receive several calls at the same time. Ideal for phone conferencing and taking advantage of the IP phone's built in 5-way audio conferencing feature.

Included Calls

Take advantage of even cheaper call rates and included calls on the NETBIZ and NETPRO plans. Included call credits apply to all types of calls including international.

Per Second Billing and No Flag Fall

Unlike some providers which charge in blocks of 20, 30 or even 60 seconds, and often have flag falls attached to some calls, our timed calls are charged on a per second basis. And that means you only pay for what you use.

Short 12 Month Term

Our 12 month term means your business is not stuck with old technology and you can upgrade your hardware within a year. Or keep on using the IP phone and change to a hosted PBX plan of your choice.

Setup Fee Includes Delivery

The Setup Fee includes configuration of the main PBX system, ready to include as many NetPhones as you require. And delivery of the IP handset to any address in Australia is also included.