The Complete Business Phone Package


The Ideal Remote Office Phone

NetPhone combines business VoIP with Hosted PBX functionality programmed into an IP phone. It is perfectly suited for businesses looking for an out-of-the-box solution to their office telephone needs. You do not require a telephone line to make it operate. Simply plug the NetPhone into a suitable broadband service and you are up and running. It's as straightforward as that.

All-In-One Business VoIP, Hosted PBX and IP Phone

The bundle comes with a business grade IP phone, complete set of enterprise grade hosted PBX features and functions, multiple call lines, and a dedicated phone number. You can also port-in your current landline number if needed.

Enterprise Grade Features and Functions

NetPhones are fully equipped with PBX functionality such as, call park, call overflow, auto attendant and many more. Use one or a combination of features to create a seamless call management process.

Completely Flexible and Scalable

The phones feature plug-and-play technology, so you can move between business premises with ease. They're also fully scalable, allowing you to add more as your business grows.

Included Calls and Australian Landline Number

Take advantage of business-grade VoIP with no bill surprises. Our plans include Australian local, national and mobile calls, as well as an Australian landline number.


IP Phones to Suit Any Business Need

BusinessCom provides a range of NetPhone packages to suit any business need. All our IP Phones come equipped with full PBX features and functionality. Simply choose the phone that best suits your office requirements such as wireless, corded, and Wi-Fi supported.

NetPhone LITE Ultimate


AUS Local, National and Mobile Calls Included plus

  • Yealink W60P High-performance SIP Cordless Phone System (Inc AUS P&H)
  • Full Set of PBX Features and Functions
  • $0 Set Up Fee and PBX Programming Included
  • AUS Landline Number
  • Multi-Channel SIP Trunk for Multiple Concurrent Calls and Audio Conferencing

NetPhone BIZ Ultimate


AUS Local, National and Mobile Calls Included plus

  • Yealink T33G Business IP Phone with HD Voice and 5-Way Conferencing (Inc AUS P&H)
  • Complete Set of PBX Features and Functions
  • No Set Up Fee and PBX Programming Included
  • Australian Landline Number
  • Multi-Channel SIP Trunk for Multiple Concurrent Calls and Multi-Party Audio Conferencing

NetPhone PRO Ultimate


AUS Local, National and Mobile Calls Included plus

  • Yealink T54W Executive IP Phone with Bluetooth and W-Fi Connectivity (Inc AUS P&H)
  • Full Set of PBX Features and Functions
  • $0 Set Up Fee and PBX Programming Included
  • AUS Landline Number
  • Multi-Channel SIP Trunk for Multiple Concurrent Calls and Audio Conferencing

NetPhone PBX Features

The NetPhone comes complete with a multi-channel SIP trunk and enterprise-grade hosted PBX functions, both delivering the ultimate in business IP telephony.

Business Intro Message and Auto Attendant Menu
Voice 2 Email and Auto Time Based Diversions
Call Parking, Call Hold and Music On Hold
Ring Groups, Line Hunt and Call Queueing
Multi-Device Compatible. Deskphone, Softphone and Mobile App.
Internal and External Multi-Party Call Conferencing

NetPhone Plans and Call Costs

Aus Local, National and Mobile Calls Included

We have a range of ultra-competitive hosted PBX plans to choose from. Our Flexi Business Plans start at $9 per month and offer cheap call rates and further discounts if you commit to a 12 month term. Our Ultimate Plans come with included calls and further discounts if you commit to a minimum of 5 extensions.


Need a Larger PBX System?

Get big business features at small business prices with a Hosted PBX System.


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Popular Uses

Perfect Solution for Small Office Phone Requirements

NetPhones are totally portable and come with flexibility unmatched by traditional phone services. They come with total PBX functionality and a plethora of call handling and call management functions. And that makes them a perfect office phone solution for a number of business requirements.

Home Office

The ideal home office telephone with no need to waste money on a fixed phone line, just utilise your existing broadband service. And it has functions and features that mobile phones can not match.

Small Business PBX

A very cost-effective means of delivering a fully functional PBX system into any small business operation. Offering a high degree of flexibility and ready to be scaled to suit your business needs.

Remote Office

Whether it's a temporary site or a permanent satellite office, a NetPhone is one of the best solutions to deliver office telephone facilities without needing to install phone lines or a PBX system. Being completely portable, simply unplug the IP phone and relocate anytime.


Stay Connected Wherever You Go


Flexibility with How You Make Your Calls

Business VoIP allows you to make and receive calls on multiple devices, such as a smartphone or desktop with the softphone app. Whether you're at your desk or working off business premises, it will appear as if you're using your extension as usual.


Need Help Finding the Best Solution for Your Business?

Get in touch with one of our business consultants on 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE to make an enquiry. We'll happily help you find the right phone system to suit your office needs.