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Business Fibre uses fibre optic cables and is delivered without the use of the existing copper network. And that means extreme speed and bandwidth. It's the perfect broadband solution for businesses that require superior performance and the highest speed available. It's ideal for all cloud based applications including UC Systems, Business VoIPHosted PBX, CRM Systems, Video Conferencing and Cloud Based Storage.
There are two types of business fibre available, NBN Business and fibre delivered directly by carriers with their own fibre networks. BusinessCom is an NBN Retail Service Provider and has wholesale arrangements with all of the leading fibre providers. Which means we are network agnostic and able to deliver the best possible choice from a range of options.

High Performance and 99.95% Up Time SLA

Optic fibre is the most reliable means of delivering a broadband service and comes with an unbeatable up-time SLA of 99.95%.

Extreme Bandwidth and Low Latency

Fibre is built to deliver extreme speeds and is a low latency service. And that means minimal delay in transmitting data.

Symmetrical Speeds

Business fibre comes with symmetrical upload and download speeds, where both are the same. This is especially important when using cloud based business applications.

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Business Fibre Plans

We have a range of ultra-competitive hosted PBX plans to choose from. Our Flexi Business Plans start at $9 per month and offer cheap call rates and further discounts if you commit to a 12 month term. Our Ultimate Plans come with included calls and further discounts if you commit to a minimum of 5 extensions.

NBN vs Fibre

Contention Ratio

Business fibre has a 1:1 contention ratio, which means the service is not shared with any other user and its speed doesn’t fluctuate. NBN services are shared and contention ratios can reach above 50:1.

Uptime SLA's

Business fibre is built for business and comes with business grade SLAs. NBN is effectively a consumer service with limited SLAs.

Service Delivery

Some of the NBN broadband connections use the existing copper network and are not 100% fibre optic services. FTTN (Fibre to the Node) delivers fibre to the street cabinet and utilises existing copper network to provide the final part of the NBN connection to the premises.

Upload/Download Speeds

NBN has variable upload and download speeds. Business fibre has set symmetrical speeds i.e. the upload and download speed is the same.


The highest NBN plan available is the 100MB/40MB, offering a maximum of up to 100MB download and up to 40MB upload. Business fibre can deliver set symmetrical speeds of up to 1000MB.

How Reliable Is Business Fibre?

Fibre is regarded as the most reliable means of delivering business broadband as it doesn't use the ageing copper network or is effected by any wireless interference. Tier 1 Fibre Networks deliver high performance connections with a 99.95% up-time SLAs. To ensure uninterputted access to high speed broadband, many businesses us 4G LTE as a back-up and fail-over technology.

Key Benefits


Access to All Major Networks


What Is Fibre Broadband?


Fibre Internet is a connection that delivers data as light signals through an optic fibre cable, which is typically made from glass or plastic.

Unlike copper cables used by ADSL, SHDSL and some NBN connections, fibre optic cables can transmit more data at a faster rate.

It's an ideal solution for businesses that use a large amount of data, or require uninterrupted high speed internet.


See How Fibre Internet Can Help Your Business

Creative Agency

Business Overview

  • Business specialises in graphic design and marketing for a range of clients.
  • Staff are heavy data users, as downloading and designing content requires a high amount of bandwidth.
  • Staff manager the content upload for many of their clients directly onto their website.

General Requirements

  • A cost-effective solution with large bandwidth capability
  • Reliable broadband connection


  • A 1000/1000 Mbps Fibre connection for the agency to provide symmetrical speeds with a large amount of bandwidth.
  • 95% uptime SLA will ensure that high speed internet is always available.
  • 1:1 contention ratio provides the agency with broadband infrastructure that isn’t shared across offices or user, meaning speeds won’t fluctuate.

Service Features

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  Fluctuating internet speeds is no longer an issue that interferes with our work. Our fibre internet is always fast and reliable.

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