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Get Better Value With Our Discounted Mobile Plans

BusinessCom uses parts of the Telstra Mobile Network that cover more than 98.8% of the population with 3G and 97% of the population with 4G. On top of the extensive coverage, our discounted plans are designed to suit businesses of all sizes with a range of data allowances and usage options to cater for all types of business needs.

Connect a Business Mobile Service from only $10 per Month  

No Lock-In Contracts

Get complete flexibility with month to month plans and no lock-in contracts or set-up fees.

Low Cost Plans

Our discounted mobile plans starting at $10 p/mth are designed to save you money and deliver better value.

Flexible Data Usage Options

Choose between banking your data or sharing data across all users to get the most out of your mobile service.


Business Mobile Plans

BusinessCom provides a full range of mobile plans to suit almost any business need. Our two ranges of plans differ in how your included data is used, so you can get the most out of your monthly allowance.

Flexi Mobiles

Flexi mobile plans enable data banking, where any unused data can be accumulated and used at a later date. Data banking is per mobile only.

Fleet Mobiles

Fleet mobile plans are ideal for larger teams due to included data being shared across all devices. Unlike flexi plans, monthly data allowances are reset each month.

Discounted Business Mobile Plans

We have a wide range of discounted business mobile plans to choose from. You can get connected from only $10 per month.


FAQs - Business Mobiles

  • Can I Use My Mobile Overseas? Open or Close

    Can I Use My Mobile Overseas?

    Yes. If you are traveling overseas and need to use your phone during that time, you can purchase international roaming packs for select countries. Many of our plans also include international calls for selected countries within the monthly access fee, meaning you can make and receive calls to international numbers at no extra cost.

  • Do I Need to Buy My Own Hardware? Open or Close

    Do I Need to Buy My Own Hardware?

    As our business mobile plans are SIM only, you will need to purchase your own hardware. If you require assistance with purchasing hardware, our specialists will happily assist with recommending a retailer. Simply call 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE and our team will happily assist.

  • What Carrier Will I Be Connected to? Open or Close

    What Carrier Will I Be Connected to?

    BusinessCom uses the Telstra wholesale network for all business mobile connections. The network covers over 98.8% of Australia, making it one of the largest mobile networks available.

  • Can I Get Coverage Anywhere in Australia? Open or Close

    Can I Get Coverage Anywhere in Australia?

    While not all of Australia is covered, the Telstra mobile network provides 3G coverage to 98.8% of the country making it one of the most reliable mobile networks on the market. The network also provides 4G coverage to 97% of the Australian population.

Need Help Finding the Best Solution for Your Business?

Get in touch with one of our business consultants on 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE to make an enquiry. We'll happily help you find the right mobile solution to suit your business needs.