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ISDN2 Digital Lines

The Small Business Digital Phone Line Service

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ISDN2 is an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service that allows a business to gain all the advantages of digital phone lines without having to commit to more than 2 lines. ISDN2 enables you to conduct 2 concurrent telephone calls at the same time over the one PSTN line.

ISDN2 lines provide clear, high-quality telephone connections, and offer more call and messaging features than standard business lines. This type of service is ideally suited to businesses that require 2 to 4 telephone lines.

Two Concurrent Calls

Make or Receive Up to Two Concurrent Calls at the Same Time. 

Digital Phone Lines

Take Advantage of Digital Features Like Extension In-Dial Numbers.

Low ISDN2 Call Rates

Lower Your Telco Costs with Cheap Telstra ISDN2 Call Rates and Access Fee.

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Business ISDN2 Options

Connect to our Business ISDN2 plan offering cheap rates, or enquire if you're ready to take advantage of NBN Ready Business VoIP.

Key Features

Digital Business Features

  • Flexible Digital Technology
  • PBX Compatible
  • Extension In-Dial Numbers
  • Widest National ISDN Coverage
  • Two Concurrent Calls
  • Digital Features
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Critical Information Summary

Alternative to ISDN2

With the rollout of NBN and other broadband infrastructure, an increasing number of businesses are starting to migrate their phone line services to Business VoIP and SIP Trunks. The business VoIP technology is gradually replacing traditional telephone lines like PSTN and ISDN.

Business VoIP utilises SIP Trunks which are essentially VoIP phone lines. There is no minimum or maximum number of SIP trunk channels that's required to connect business VoIP. And that means much greater level of functionality and flexibility. You can start with one SIP channel and add as your business grows. Provisioning of services is also much faster and there is no need for a technician to visit the business premises. SIP trunks are usually provisioned within 24 hours of receiving the application.

Business VoIP

SIP trunks are fully portable and not restricted to individual premises. They don't require existing copper wiring and are much cheaper than traditional telephone linesThe majority of PBX systems installed in recent years are IP compatible. Provided your business is connected to a suitable broadband service, you can start using business VoIP without having to upgrade your existing phone system. To check if your business is VoIP ready, please call 1300 000 300 or CLICK HERE

The ISDN2 digital phone line technology has been the preferred choice of small businesses with less than 10 incoming phone lines. Its the ideal solution when existing broadband infrastructure is not suitable for business VoIP.

Difference Between ISDN2 and ISDN

Although they're both a type of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology, there are 2 main differences.

Number of Channels

As the name indicates, the number of channels (call lines) available with ISDN2 is two. Multiple services are bundled together to deliver more than 2 lines (in multiples of 2). With ISDN, there is a minimum number of 10 channels and a maximum of 30.

PBX Equipment

ISDN is a primary rate digital service that requires the PBX to be fitted with a PRI (primary rate interface) card. ISDN2 is a basic rate service and requires the PBX to be fitted with a BRI (basic rate interface) card.

Do I Require an Active PSTN Service to Connect ISDN2?

No. The only requirement is for the business premises to have the necessary PSTN wiring and capacity.

Traditional copper lines are required to deliver ISDN2. There is no need to have an active PSTN line but there must be the required PSTN wiring not being used for other purposes.

Do I Require a PBX System to Operate ISDN2 lines?

Yes. And the phone system must be fitted with a BRI (basic rate inteface) card.

Most SME PBX systems can be used for both ISDN and ISDN2. However, they must be fitted with the necessary interface card, which is different for both technologies. To find out is your system is compatible, either check with your PBX maintainer or call us on 1300 000 300.

Can an ISDN2 Line Be Used as a Fax Line?

Yes. However it's dependent upon your telephone system and if it can be programmed to route fax calls to the fax machine. Please consult your PBX technician.

One of the best ways to overcome having to allocate a phone line to a fax facility is transferring to a Virtual Fax Service. It utilises fax2email and email2fax, eliminating the need to have a physical fax machine or a dedicated phone line.

Can I retain my existing numbers?

Yes. BusinessCom has LNP (local number portability) arrangements with all major carriers.

When upgrading from a PSTN service, your main business number will be made part of the ISDN2 service. Please note that only your main business number will be retained. When switching your existing ISDN2 lines to BusinessCom, all your existing numbers will be retained.

Transferring Existing ISDN2 Services to BusinessCom

The ISDN2 network is wholly owned by Telstra, a wholesale provider of BusinessCom. When transferring services, there are no network changes and it's only the billing that gets transferred.

Transferring your existing service to BusinessCom is seamless. All of your existing features and configuration remains as is and you won't even notice when the changeover happens.

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