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Office phones and business communication systems have evolved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Cloud based technology and IP telephony is gradually replacing traditional telephone systems and the way we communicate.
BusinessCom's office phone technology is at the forefront of this evolution. We have partnered with Australia's leading providers and carriers to deliver enterprise-grade solutions at ultra-competitive prices. Our services are NBN ready and suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Hosted PBX

Reduce Costs and Gain Superior Functionality. Big Business Features, Small Business Price.

Business IP Voice

High Performance IP Voice and Conferencing. The Ultimate in Business Flexibility.

Business IP Equipment

Full Range of Office IP Phones and Equipment from World Leading Suppliers.

Reduce Your Telco Costs by up to 50%

Transition your office communications to the latest technology and lower your telco costs with our discounted call rates and low access fees. Choose from our full range of services including the latest enterprise-grade Business VoIP, business NetPhones and Hosted PBX Phone Systems.


Office Phone Systems

Reduce Costs and Gain Superior Functionality

BusinessCom's office phone technology includes the full suite of IP telephony services. We have a range of options to suit all types of business requirements. From SOHO operators and single SIP trunks, to large businesses and extensive office phone systems. And being a full service company, we will provision and configure your service to suit your operational needs.


Hosted PBX Systems

The Complete Office Phone Solution

Hosted PBX is a cloud based Virtual PBX Service delivered over a broadband connection. As opposed to traditional telephone systems which are installed at the business premises, the entire PBX system is delivered and managed from a secure Australian based data centre and accessed entirely through the internet.

Replacement Technology for Traditional PBX Systems

The system delivers functionality unmatched by on-premise PBX phone systems. It's the replacement technology where SIP Trunks are used instead of telephone lines and IP Phones replace the PBX handsets. Pre-configured IP phones are simply plugged into the company's LAN and utilise the broadband connection to deliver an enterprise grade PBX service.

Enterprise Grade Features and Functions

Unlike most traditional phone systems, all features and functions are included and there is no need to purchase additional functionality. Simply choose features best suited to your business and turn them on or off as required.

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Superior Features and Functions

Call Handling

Call handling features designed to ensure every call creates an outstanding caller experience. Auto Attendant (IVR) to help you manage your calls; Business Intro Messages to create a great first impression; Voice2Email to never miss a call, On-Hold Music and Promotional Messages to retain your callers and promote your business; Call Queuing, Auto Divert and Do Not Disturb to make sure that every call gets handled properly.

Call Management

Professional call management features that unite your business regardless of where your staff are located. Hunt and Ring Groups to ensure that every call is answered correctly, Any Extension Pick-Up, Call Park and Call Transfer to help you manage incoming calls.

Call Operation

Advanced call features that allow your staff to be more productive and in control of every call. Multi-Party Conferencing for immediate teleconferencing; Personalised Ring Tones to identify specific calls; Mobility Function to take your office phone anywhere you go; and Remote Office for a unified business image.

Business VoIP

Upgrade to the Latest Technology

Business VoIP and SIP Trunks are gradually replacing traditional telephone lines like PSTN and ISDN. With the rollout of the NBN and other broadband infrastructure, Australian businesses can now take advantage of this powerful and very flexible technology. SIP Trunks offer a much greater level of functionality and flexibility than traditional phone lines and are ideal for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can reduce their fixed line telco costs by as much as 50% using SIP Trunks.

Enterprise Grade SIP Trunks

SIP trunks are a means of delivering business phone services over a broadband connection. They are ideal for businesses looking to dramatically reduce their costs and gain functionality through superior features and enterprise grade performance.

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Gain Superior Benefits

Exceptionally Cost Effective

SIP Trunks are a lot cheaper than traditional phone lines. Apart from cheap call rates, there is minimal line rental across a variety of flexible plans. Reduce your telco costs by up to 50% with business VoIP.

Extremely Reliable

Higher level of service provision than traditional phone lines including ISDN services that rely on the copper network. BusinessCo SIP Trunks are delivered using the state of the art BroadSoft BroadWorks platform and come with enterprise grade SLAs of 99.999% uptime.

Fully Portable and Highly Scalable

There are no physical telephone lines to connect or relocate. Additional call capacity can be activated almost instantly. Connect or disconnect call lines to suit your current business requirements.

Business Continuity and Automatic Failover

Supports your disaster recovery strategies, including alternative routing implemented in emergency situations. For example, in the event that calls are unable to reach your site, they can automatically be redirected to a nominated mobile service or alternative answering point.

Superior Functionality and Multiple Device Compatible

Delivering the ultimate in business flexibility, SIP trunks can be deployed in a variety of ways including PBX Systems, IP handsets, a mobile app or a softphone application.

NBN Ready and Future Proof

The replacement technology for traditional telephone lines. SIP Trunks are also the fundamental component of most Unified Communication and IP Telephony technologies.


All-In-One Business VoIP, Hosted PBX and IP Phone.

NetPhone combines business VoIP with Hosted PBX functionality programmed into an IP phone. It is perfectly suited for businesses looking for an out-of-the-box solution to their office telephone needs. And you do not require a telephone line to make it operate. Simply plug the NetPhone into a suitable broadband service and you are up and running. It's as straightforward as that.

The Ideal Business NBN Phone Service

A NetPhone combines business VoIP with complete PBX functionality, all programmed into a business grade IP phone. Choose between a desk phone and a cordless phone. It's an ideal solution for businesses looking for an out-of-the-box solution to their business phone needs.

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Perfect Solution for Small Office Phone Requirements

NetPhones are totally portable and come with flexibility unmatched by traditional phone services. They come with total PBX functionality and a plethora of call handling and call management functions. And that makes them a perfect office phone solution for a number of business requirements.

Home Office

The ideal home office telephone with no need to waste money on a fixed phone line, just utilise your existing broadband service. And it has functions and features that mobile phones can not match.

Small Business PBX

A very cost effective means of delivering a fully functional PBX system into any small business operation. Offering a high degree of flexibility and ready to be scaled to suit your business needs.

Remote Office

Whether its a temporary site or a permanent satellite office, a NetPhone is one of the best solutions to deliver office telephone facilities without needing to install phone lines or a PBX system. Being completely portable, simply unplug the IP phone and relocate anytime.

IP Audio Conferencing

IP Conference Phones from $599 

Yealink Audio Conference Phones cater to various meeting requirements. Whether it is for large meeting rooms, small meeting rooms or wireless huddle rooms, Yealink has the right solution for your business.


CP960 Conference Phone

Easy Conferencing, Clear Communication



The Yealink CP960 is an enterprise-grade conference phone for mid-and-large-sized meeting rooms. With speakerphone elements co-engineered with Harman, the CP960 sets new standards for sound quality and immerses conference participants in every discussion. Marrying a wide range and dead-zone-free voice pickup with Yealink’s Noise Proof technology, the CP960 is the perfect match for day-to-day business conference conversations.

Pure and Powerful Sound Quality

The Yealink CP960 conference phone harnesses acoustic technologies from Harman to make every audio conference experience amazingly clear and inspiring. In combination with Yealink’s sophisticated HD voice technology, the Yealink CP960 immerses every conference participant in extraordinarily clear and balanced sound quality. The performance-oriented phone faithfully reproduces voices for day-to-day business conferences.

Wide-Range Voice Pickup and Dead-Zone Free

Featuring 6-metre 360-degree dead-zone-free voice pickup, the Yealink CP960 conference phone provides a full sound experience to both medium and large audio conferencing environments.

A pair of Yealink wireless microphones utilizing Yealink’s DECT technology can increase voice pickup distance to 18 metres, allowing every meeting participant to be involved and clearly heard while optimizing mobility within the local meeting environment.

Yealink Noise Proof Technology for Smart and Powerful Noise Elimination

Yealink Noise Proof Technology is our noise reduction technology that frees business conversations from annoying noise to optimize conference efficiency and to minimize distractions. The Yealink Noise Proof technology includes two interrelated functions:

  • During a conference, Noise Proof reduces constant background noise from sources such as typing, air conditioners, etc.
  • When a person is not speaking, Noise Proof automatically mutes the microphone(s) until the sound of a human voice is detected.


Ergonomic Design and Best-in-Class Experience

Stylish and professional, the CP960 features metallic sliver and a UV process design, bringing an upscale touch to any meeting room. The five-inch high-resolution 1280x720 multi-touch screen puts fast and smooth controls at your fingertips. The elegant hardware and software design adds simplicity and comfort to the business conference conversation.

Pentagon Meeting Room

The CP960 creates a virtual meeting room user interface -- the Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room -- that mimics the sense of physical conferencing that demanding professionals expect. Offering up to five-party conferencing, the phone allows meeting organizers to create a meeting simply by sending invitations at a single touch to selected participants. Organizers can seamlessly invite or join participants without pausing or interrupting the ongoing conversation. Say goodbye to “who is speaking”. The Yealink Active Speaker automatically displays the current speaker’s info on the screen.

Hybrid UC Meeting Enabled

The CP960 expertly enables the Hybrid UC Meeting with extraordinary clarity and convenience. When using a soft phone on your PC (e.g. Skype for Business) or a mobile phone, you can route the call to the CP960 via the USB port or Bluetooth pairing to join the conference. You can also route the call to the CP960 and then invite other parties to make a conference call. With the CP960, boosting audio conferencing productivity has never been easier.

The Yealink CP960 powers mid-to-large conferences by expertly delivering your business voice to every participant. It makes every audio conference simple to manage while providing Hi-Fi voice quality for productive results.

The CP960 maximizes current and future returns with multiple value-added features. These features include: 100-hour local call recording, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Android OS for future customization needs and a 3.5-mm jack for voice output. Every conference is easy and features amazing sound.

Yealink CP930W

Yealink Wireless DECT Conference Phone



Yealink Wireless DECT Conference Phone CP930W, based on the reliable and secure DECT technology, is designed for wireless communication environments such as small-to-medium meeting rooms and huddle rooms. The CP930W not only ensures you up to 24 call hours, but also deliver the first-rate audio quality to you with the Yealink Noise Proof technology that your conference calls will be filled with the dynamics they deserve. In addition, the wireless design entirely frees you from the network and power outlets troubles and makes your conference table more uncluttered than ever before.

Another smart feature is that Yealink CP930W provides wireless and wired pairing with your mobile staff – smartphone or PC/tablet via Bluetooth and USB Micro-B port to merge all these three devices, your smartphone, PC/tablet and CP930W into one hybrid UC meeting. Making your conference calls be mobile and flexible via Yealink CP930W which abandons the limitation of conference rooms and holds meetings anywhere you want within DECT coverage.

Complete Freedom

Employing DECT technology, the Yealink CP930W Wireless DECT Conference Phone allows you to hold meetings wherever or whenever is convenient for you, entirely free you from the network and power outlets troubles. Also, its built-in rechargeable battery ensures up to 24 hours of call time and 15 days of standby time, guaranteeing a long working time without recharging and making CP930W totally wireless in DECT environment.

Superior Audio Quality

The Yealink CP930W DECT conference phone, marrying the Yealink Noise Proof Technology, unburdens the business conversation by reducing annoying noise and minimizing distractions to set audio experience into a new level. Thanks to its built-in 3-microphone array, CP930W owns a 6-metre and 360-degree voice pickup range as if all participants are sitting across the table from each other!

Sensitive Touch, Elegant Control

This Y-shape phone released from Yealink, representing the first letter Y of Yealink, owns a sensitive touch keypad which perfectly cancels the keypad noise and facilitates your conference room experience by simply putting all of the key conferencing functions at your fingertips.

Hybrid UC Meeting

With Yealink CP930W, up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations, helping your company cut costs and save time. Pairing Yealink CP930W with your smartphone (via Bluetooth) or PC/tablet (via micro USB) allows you to turn the Yealink CP930W into a loudspeaker and microphone with ease. In addition, you can merge your smartphone, PC/tablet and SIP call into one hybrid UC meeting.

Key Features

  • 3.1” 248x120-pixel graphical LCD with backlight.
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • Up to 24-hour talk time.
  • Up to 15-day standby time.
  • 3.75-hour charging time.
  • Built-in 3-microphone array.
  • Optima HD voice, full duplex technology.
  • 6-metre and 360-degree microphone pickup range.
  • Yealink Noise Proof technology.
  • 5-way conference call.
  • Connect to PC via Micro USB port.
  • Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  • Hybrid UC meeting.
  • Call recording via Micro SD card.
  • Sensitive touch keypad.
  • Upgrade Over-the-Air (OTA).
  • Work with Yealink W60B Base Station.

Yealink CP920

Touch-Sensitive HD IP Conference Phone


It is time to optimize your conference room with Yealink modern conference phone – the Yealink Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone CP920. With user-centric design philosophy, this new release from Yealink combines simplicity of use with sophistication of features, being perfect for small to medium conference room. In regard of its crystal-clear audio quality, your conversation will sound natural and bright anywhere with well-designed CP920.

The Yealink CP920 can be not only paired with your mobile staff – smartphone or PC/tablet via Bluetooth, but also is a good choice for the companies that use a public switched telephone network (PSTN) after combining with CPN10 PSTN Box. As a valuable complement for your conference room, CP920 conference phone strikes an excellent balance between ease-of-use and powerful features, giving you a simply and clearly engaging business conference experience.

Sensitive Touch and Elegant Control

This Y-shape phone released from Yealink, representing the first letter Y of Yealink, owns a sensitive touch keypad which perfectly cancels the keypad noise and facilitates your conference room experience by simply putting all of the key conferencing functions at your fingertips.

Superior Audio Quality

The Yealink CP920 conference phone, marrying the Yealink Noise Proof Technology, unburdens the business conversation by reducing annoying noise and minimizing distractions to set audio experience into a new level. Thanks to its built-in 3-microphone array, CP920 owns a 6-metre and 360-degree voice pickup range as if all participants are sitting across the table from each other.

Simultaneous Analog-plus-IP

To protect business owner’s investments by supporting the migration to VoIP, CP920 allows you to connect Yealink PSTN box CPN10 with traditional analog phone lines. Without purchasing any extra PSTN server, just cascading two CPN10 can directly implement local three-way PSTN conference and offers flexible modes for business users: analog, IP or simultaneous analog-plus-IP.

Hybrid UC Meeting

With Yealink CP920, up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations, helping your company cut costs and save time. Pairing Yealink CP920 with your smartphone or PC/tablet via Bluetooth allows you to turn the Yealink CP920 into a loudspeaker or microphone with ease. In addition, you can merge your smartphone or PC/tablet, SIP call and PSTN call into one hybrid UC meeting.

Key Features

  • Optimal HD audio, full duplex technology.
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology.
  • 6-metre and 360-degree voice pickup.
  • Built-in 3-microphone array.
  • Sensitive touch keypad.
  • 3.1” 248x120-pixel graphical LCD with backlight.
  • Power over Ethernet.
  • 5-way conference call.
  • Hybrid UC meeting.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz, 802.11.b/g/n)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Local USB call recording.
  • Local 3-way PSTN conference via Yealink CPN10.

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