No Contract Business ADSL Plan for Complete Flexibility

Low Congestion

Largest Coverage

Static IP Address

Business ADSL is a high quality, low congestion ADSL service that comes with Business Grade SLA covering installation lead times, service restoration and availability; a Static IP Address for business networks and cloud services; as well as an Australian Based Business Support Team and Account Management.


Key Differences Between Business ADSL and Consumer Grade

Lower Congestion and Contention Ratio

One of the main reasons for consumer grade ADSL being cheaper is that residential services are shared between more users than business connections (contention ratio). That effects the overall quality, especially the speed which is prone to greater fluctuations. As a general rule, consumer ADSL services are shared by around 3x more users than business ADSL.

Static IP Address

Static IP addresses are a necessary part of a business IT network. As opposed to a dynamic IP address, a static address doesn't change each time you access the ADSL service. It's dedicated to your business and can be programmed into any of the business applications you use. Consumer grade ADSL connections do not come with static IP addresses.

Technical Support and Service Level Agreements

Business ADSL services are backed by a 24/7 technical support team which specialises in business connections. It's based in Australia and the operators are trained to understand business requirements. The services are also backed by written SLA (service level agreements) covering installation lead times, service restoration and availability.

Business ADSL2+ Bundle Including Telephone Line Rental

Connect to our Month to Month Business ADSL Bundle plan including telephone line rental. Or enquire about broadband ethernet and business fibre. 


Typical Business Use of ADSL Services

Small Businesses and SOHOs

Used by small businesses with general internet needs and ones that don't require high upload speeds. One of the main draw backs of ADSL is the low upload speed which effects the way businesses are able to use cloud based applications. Fast upload speeds are necessary for efficient and productive use of business apps like Office 365, One Drive, Drop Box, and a host of others.

Dedicated Broadband Service for IP Telephony

Ideal as a dedicated broadband service for Business VoIP and Hosted PBX systems with up to 6 call lines. 80 to 100kpbs in both upload and download speeds are allocated to each call line.

Emergency Back Up Service

Emergency back up service to business fibre and fixed wireless broadband. The service is an ideal contingency measure in case the main service goes down.

Dedicated Broadband Service for Cloud Based Applications

Often used as a dedicated broadband service for specific business applications such as point of sale and accounting software.