Telstra PSTN Lines

Business PSTN Lines Being Replaced by IP Lines

FPSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) business phone lines, also referred to as POTS or Plain Old Telephone System, are a basic telephone service that was traditionally used by small businesses, home office users, or as standalone lines for EFTPOS, Fax or delivery of a DSL service.
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PSTN lines use the copper network to deliver phone services. In line with the roll-out of NBN, they are being phased out and existing services are being migrated to IP lines. IP lines use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) for residential lines and SIP (session initiation protocol) for business lines. 

Business NetPhones

NBN Ready All-In-One Business VoIP, Hosted PBX and IP Phone.

Business VoIP Lines

Enterprise Grade Business VoIP SIP Trunks from $5 per Month.

Hosted PBX Systems

Upgrade to NBN Ready PBX Phone System. Enterprise Grade Features and Functions.


Business NetPhones


The business NetPhone combines business VoIP with hosted PBX functionality programmed into an IP phone. It is perfectly suited to businesses looking for an out-of-the-box office phone solution. And you don't need a telephone line to make it operate. Simply plug the NetPhone into a suitable broadband service and you're up and running.

Business VoIP SIP Trunks


Business VoIP and SIP Trunks are the new age business phone lines. If your business has a suitable broadband connection, then you should get connected to the latest technology. Take advantage of enterprise grade features and functions, cheap call rates and low monthly access fees.

Hosted PBX Systems


Hosted PBX is another popular option for businesses that require full PBX functionality with their phone lines. At a fraction of the monthly cost of a PSTN line, you can gain access to all the features and functions of an enterprise grade PBX while taking advantage of much cheaper call rates. You can start with a single extension and build the phone system as your business grows.

Benefits of Business VoIP

PSTN Lines vs Business VoIP

Business VoIP uses SIP Trunks which are essentially VoIP phone lines. They deliver the same core functionality as PSTN lines but are a lot more flexible, come with superior features, and are a lot cheaper.

  • Unlike PSTN lines, SIP trunks don't require to be physically installed at the business premises. They utilise the broadband service to make and receive phone calls. That makes them fully portable and able to be provisioned a lot quicker.

  • Landline phone numbers attached to a PSTN line are restricted by the local exchange. That's why when you change premises to a location outside the existing exchange, the phone number can't be transferred. Phone numbers attached to a SIP trunk are completely portable.

  • PSTN lines utilise the old copper network that's prone to faults and low quality calls. Business grade SIPs come with a service provision level of 99.999%.

  • In most cases, the only fault that occurs with SIPs relates to the broadband service it uses. However, if that happens there are a number of business continuity options like switching to an alternative broadband service or utilising wireless 4G. When a fault occurs with a PSTN line, it requires a technician to visit the premises and it could take days, even weeks to fix.

  • PSTN lines can only be used with a standard desk phone or a PBX with analogue ports. In both cases, calls can only be made from the premises where the lines are installed. SIPs can be programmed into multiple devices including IP phones, PBX systems, soft phones and mobile apps. That means you can use them anywhere there is a suitable broadband connection.

  • SIPs are a lot more versatile than PSTN lines. They can be used with an IP phone to deliver superior functionality as a stand alone phone with single line access. Or provide enterprise grade phone system with the variety of PBX options.

  • SIP trunks are a lot cheaper than PSTN lines. They come with low monthly access fees and cheap calls.

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