NBN for Business vs. Enterprise NBN. What’s the Difference?

With the NBN infrastructure rollout formally complete, NBN for Business is now the most widely available internet service on the market. Not only is it very accessible, but there are now other variations of the service available. And that means more options to choose from when finding the right fit for your business. Not sure of the difference between Standard NBN and its other variants? Read on to find out more.

What is NBN Internet?

NBN is a broadband service that is transmitted through the NBN infrastructure or via a Fixed Wireless connection. Some connections include FTTP, HFC, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, and Fixed Wireless. The connection to each premise will vary and can be identified by running a Service Qualification Check.

What are The Types of NBN Services Available?

There are multiple service types available to suit different business requirements as well as provide different levels of bandwidth capabilities. These include NBN for Business, Premium NBN, and Enterprise NBN.

NBN for Business

NBN for Business is an entry-level service type. It’s ideally suited to businesses with standard internet usage. The service provides suitable bandwidth for businesses with up to 20 employees and is a suitable connection to support Hosted PBX and SIP services. The maximum download speed is 100Mbps and plans start from just $59 per Month.

Premium NBN

Premium NBN delivers similar bandwidth capabilities to Business NBN, however it includes 4G failover to provide a more reliable and secure internet connection. Premium NBN is ideally suited to businesses that rely on an internet connection for daily operations including telephone services, payment gateways, and cloud services. It’s an excellent option for businesses in the retail or hospitality industry, where internet outages could greatly impact their service delivery to customers. While Premium NBN provides a reliable internet solution, it may not be suitable to businesses with more than 20 employees or with heavy bandwidth usage.

Enterprise NBN

Enterprise NBN is where the infrastructure is upgraded to a business-grade fibre connection. It delivers ultra-fast internet and is the only NBN service type that provides symmetrical upload and download speeds. It’s ideally suited to any business that requires high-speed internet or has more than 20 employees using the connection. The maximum download speed is 1000Mbps and plans start from only $329 per Month.

What is the Difference Between Business NBN and Enterprise NBN?

While both service types can provide a great solution, it’s important to know the difference between the two. Business and Premium NBN can experience network congestion with up to a 50:1 contention ratio which means that NBN for Business does not include SLAs of 99.95%, unlike Enterprise NBN. Business and Premium NBN also do not provide symmetrical upload download speeds, which may lead to delays when using the service in instances such as uploading large files. While both service types can provide great connection, Enterprise NBN ensures high-speed, congestion-free internet that is suited to any need you may have.

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