The world of business is forever changing. From the introduction of hybrid working to QR codes, businesses have learned to adapt faster than ever. And when it comes to preparing for changing events and keeping your business thriving, it’s important to ensure your business communication system is adaptable and flexible.

What is a SoftPhone?

SoftPhones are software that utilise VoIP technology, enabling devices such as smartphones, laptops, and PCs to make and receive telephone calls. It turns any device into an extension of your office phone system without the need for an IP Phone. All that's needed to run the program is a stable internet connection.

How Does a SoftPhone Work?

SoftPhones work through an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone, laptop or PC. Our staff pick for the best app is Bria, since its fully equipped with all the PBX features and functions.

What Makes SoftPhones Different?

Softphones offer many benefits that just can’t be matched by a standard mobile. With a full range of PBX features and connectivity to the main business phone system, SoftPhones streamline call handling between users while providing an outstanding caller experience.

Increased Privacy

Since SoftPhones are connected to the main business phone system, the number used to make and receive calls will be the same as the office landline. It’s a great way to ensure your personal mobile number stays private when making business calls without turning off caller ID.

Seamless Call Handling

For professionals working from home, handling calls can become a hassle when using a standard mobile due to its limited functionality. Softphones are rich with features including  Call Transfer, Call Hold, Music on Hold, and Voice to Email. Using a Softphone can create a seamless call handling process and enables you to transfer calls directly to your colleagues, even if you’re not on the same premises.


SoftPhones are the perfect solution for businesses constantly on the move. Whether you're a hybrid workplace, regularly off business premises, or you're travelling overseas, SoftPhones make it easy to stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

How Much Does a Softphone Cost?

SoftPhones are a cost-effective solution with plans starting from only $9 per month. And since no hardware is needed to run the application, they’ve become one of the most affordable forms of Business VoIP on the market.

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