Office Phones and Top 3 Trends for SME Businesses

Gain Features and Functions That Traditional Office Phones Can't Match

Office phone technology has changed dramatically in the past years. Continuous improvement in broadband infrastructure, faster and cheaper internet, and the development of new software, has created a rise of new technology that's gradually replacing the old on premise PBX systems and traditional phone lines.

Business VoIP

Enterprise businesses have been using business VoIP for quite some time. Apart from being considerably cheaper, business VoIP delivers superior functionality. It's also very reliable and comes with SLAs that are better than PSTN and ISDN lines.

Historically, the main problem with business VoIP was the quality and cost of broadband connections available to businesses. It was generally only large enterprises that could afford the required grade and bandwidth. With the dramatic improvement in broadband infrastructure, speed, price and availability, SME businesses can now take advantage of this technology with confidence.

Hosted PBX

Improved broadband infrastructure has also delivered another evolution, and that's of office phone systems. More and more businesses are replacing their old and expensive on-premise PBX systems with cheaper and more functional hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX and IP phones, which use the internet to deliver PBX functionality, are completely portable and will operate in any location there is an adequate broadband connection. You can literally take your office phone anywhere. Hosted PBX systems also come with many features and functions that traditional PBX systems can't match.

Mobile Phone Integration

SME businesses generally like to keep things simple and effective. Mobility is also important and the mobile phone is an essential business tool. With hosted PBX, you can now take your office phone with you by installing an app on your mobile phone or laptop. It's simple to install and use, and invaluable when traveling, especially overseas.

Because the system uses the internet to connect and communicate, any calls made via the app are as if you were at the office using the desk phone. Calling another extension is free and any outside calls are charged at the same rate as from your office phone, regardless of where you are.

The definition of office phones has changed over the years and soon we won’t even be talking about telephone lines. For SME business owners, office is now wherever you choose to work from.